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Post-election survey

Many thanks to everyone who responded to our post-election survey. Your feedback will help provide direction for Right Track, not just in future school board elections, but in how we value and communicate about our schools.

See the full results here.

A message to the opposition: stop hiding behind statistics

You’ve probably heard the famous quote attributed to Mark Twain: There are three kinds of lies – lies, damn lies, and statistics.

The opposition candidates (the “Final Four”) have launched a war of the third kind: statistics. We all recognize that you can find a data point to support almost anything you set your mind to – and if you can’t, you can swap in a personal story to tug at people’s emotions. It’s been remarkably easy to debunk most of their claims.

It’s time to start talking about what this election’s REALLY about. Here’s how we see it.

A message to the opposition: stop attacking our students

We have been disappointed by the non-caucus candidates’ repeated attacks on our students and community with the use of flawed data and ill-founded conclusions.

Using misleading statistics to paint LFHS in a negative light is unfair to our students. They challenge themselves every day to become critical thinkers and innovators who will achieve success in whatever life they choose, and their achievements deserve to be supported and applauded by our community.

Measuring student performance at LFHS

This is the first in a series of fact-based articles produced by the Lake Forest Caucus and adapted here with permission of the Caucus.

LFHS is a top-performing school based on objective measures. Based on the facts we shall present that highlight the success of our school and students, we will demonstrate that LFHS is an academically outstanding and fiscally sound institution that is continuously improving.

There are no simple answers

We at Right Track acknowledge the questions from our friends and supporters that are circulating, expressing a real desire to counter misinformation and misleading data points.

Educating children is a nuanced business. No two children will respond the same way to the same “inputs.”

There is no mistaking the fact that Lake Forest High School uses data to make decisions. They also use considerable educational experience (gained from time, observation and practice) to learn and to iterate.

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