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Post-election survey

Many thanks to everyone who responded to our post-election survey. Your feedback will help provide direction for Right Track, not just in future school board elections, but in how we value and communicate about our schools.

See the full results here.

Why we're supporting DAVE LANE

Dave has been a member of the District 115 Board for two years, and we're pleased to be supporting him for a second term.

He has developed a clear understanding of the role of a board member and, as a parent of two children at LFHS, he is able to witness firsthand how the school's efforts and strategies affect the students.

Why we're supporting TED MOORMAN

Ted is completing his first term on the board and is eager to continue his work. He describes himself as a strong advocate for LFHS who wants to give back to our greatest community asset and make it even better.

Ted is currently Secretary of the board as well as a member of the Finance Committee, Policy Committee Chairman, and the board's liaison with the special education district. An avowed fiscal conservative, Ted is committed to providing an outstanding education to our students while respecting the community's need to maintain fiscal discipline.

Why we're supporting SALLY DAVIS

Sally is a current District 115 board member who hit the ground running when she was appointed to fill a vacancy in 2015. We're thrilled to be able to support this articulate and capable candidate.

Sally is an attorney with knowledge of employment and labor law as well as trial experience in Lake and Cook County's juvenile and criminal courts.

Why we're supporting TOM NEMICKAS

Tom is a newcomer to the board, but he clearly understands the role of a board member and the importance of building a consensus among different viewpoints.

Tom has been an active member of the community for the past 15 years and, his medical practice allows for a unique opportunity to be exposed to a broad section of the population. His scientific training and background give him a data-driven, objective ability to evaluate and solve issues in an impartial manner.

The reform has already begun

Here’s what’s true about Lake Forest High School right now:

LFHS is a point of pride for our whole community. It is consistently a nationally recognized school that provides opportunities for our children to grow and succeed at the highest levels of achievement.  

Current school leadership has introduced many successful initiatives in recent years that enhance our children’s learning environment on every level.

About those rankings

The opposing slate of candidates recently sent out a misleading mass email message that referred to Lake Forest High School’s “dismal” and “inferior” results.

Let’s look at the facts. The methodologies of lists and rankings vary widely and may not reflect our community’s priorities. LFHS has recently been ranked as high as 12th in the nation to as low as 580th(!). When you see this kind of disparity, you have to wonder about the ratings and what is behind them.

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