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Post-election survey

Many thanks to everyone who responded to our post-election survey. Your feedback will help provide direction for Right Track, not just in future school board elections, but in how we value and communicate about our schools.

See the full results here.

Going from good to great

Students at LFHS are being challenged – and succeeding – at the highest levels of achievement.

Participation in the AP program in 2016-17 is the highest it’s ever been at Lake Forest High School. LFHS students are being prepared for success in college and beyond with the opportunity to take college-level Advanced Placement (AP) classes across the entire range of academic subject areas, with 33 classes offered, ranging from Art History to US Government to four distinct AP-level Physics courses.

Transparency: it's not that simple

Absolute transparency cannot happen when the key folks involved are minors: our children. Personnel rules exist, in schools as elsewhere, that protect employee (adult) privacy as well.

The opposition group misses this and other critical and very elementary points about the unique way a school board, compared to most any other not-for-profit, operates.

Let's get this thing going!

The school board election will be here before we know it, and there's lots of work to be done! Voters need to understand the choices open to them, and why this election is so important.

This year four candidates representing a non-mainstream agenda are campaigning as a slate. During this election season we plan to help voters understand what the school board's job is, what kinds of attributes make a good board member, and what the possible implications of a board takeover could be.

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