About Us and Our Supporters

hands.jpgWe are residents of Lake Forest, Lake Bluff, and Knollwood who care about our students and our schools. Our mission is to support Lake Forest High School by electing a balanced slate of independent thinkers to the Board. We are a nonpartisan organization dedicated to setting an example of civility in our community.

We are supporting the Caucus-nominated candidates because we believe the opposition group is a threat to the positive direction LFHS has taken in recent years. We call our campaign Right Track LFHS because we firmly believe that our school IS on the right track. We want to ensure that the school board continues the district's forward momentum.

This is not about Republicans or Democrats - it's about doing what is best for our students and our community. We believe politics has no place in our schools.

You can reach us at contact@RightTrackLFHS.org.


We are proud to list the following residents of Lake Forest, Lake Bluff, and Knollwood as supporters of Right Track LFHS and the Caucus-nominated candidates, Tom Nemickas, Sally Davis, Ted Moorman, and Dave Lane.

Want to see your name on this list? Please email us at contact@RightTrackLFHS.org.

Laura and Don Adams
Edith Rasmussen Ahern and Patrick Ahern
Allen and Teri Albus
Doug and Kathy Allen
Jorie and Charlie Alutto
Kate Amaral
Mary and Dave Andersen
Maureen Anger
Susan Armbruster
Judith and Peter Arnstein
Susie and Bill Athenson
Annie and Kris Atzeff
Sarah and Thom Back
Gus and Lydia Backer
Meg and Steve Barnhart
Jill Barrere, LFHS '16
Jon and Susan Barrere
Tracy Barrett
Mark Barry
Mary Ann Beardman
Diane Benner
Rob and Suzanne Bentley
Brian Bertola
Zachary Block
Morag, Kevin, and Calum Bishop
Carol Bleck
Mary Jane and Francis Brady
Eileen Brady
Liz and Rich Brandel
Cindy and Bob Broten
Elizabeth Brown
David Brown and Colette Budvitis
Perry and Francisca Brown
Dave and Nisha Burns
James J. Carey, D115 Board member 2005-2013
Ed and Laura Carney
Marion Cartwright
Bob and Jeremy Celarec
John and Susan Chandler
Leigh Ann Charlot
Richard Chun
Peter and Nancy Clemens
John and Vicki Cloutier
Chris Collins
Khristine Condon
Karen Connell
John Corrigan
Lisa Christensen
Karen Curtiss
Neil and Mary Dahlmann
Mary Daly
Pamela Damesek
Happie Datt
Scott and Kelly Daum
Matt and Chrissy Davis
Anne de Got
Kristen De Noble
Nick Dessev
Brian Driscoll
Dean Di Brito
Amy Connell-Donohue and Kevin Donohue
Sondra Douglass
Eleanor Dowling
Catherine Driscoll
Susan and Mike Duffey
Nancy and Mike Duffy
Laura and Jim Duggan
Andy and Lisa Duran
Susie Duttge
Mark Dvorak
Julie Ehrens
Lise Eliot and Bill Frost
Lynn and Jim Engelland
Shannon and Justin Engelland
Keri and Doug Falls
Erik Feldhaus
Dan and Leah Fietsam
Christopher Fischer
Deb and Aquiles Fischer
Brad and Lisa Fisher
Kevin Weinstein and Taryn Fisher
Lesley and Chris Fisher
Thomas and Cindy Fletcher
Robin and Greg Ford
Lynette Foss
Susan M. Franzetti
Becky Freeman-Murray
Ross and Nancy Friedman
MJ Friedrich
Lynn Gaffigan and Joe Royster
Kate and Adam Galloway
John and Carol Gard
Susan and Scott Garrett
Joy Gayter
Jay and Jeri Geraghty
Anne M. Gousha
Alison and Tyler Graf
Ellen and Joe Granda
Lynne and Eric Grenier
Ann Marie Nykiel Grieve
Doug Grieve
Elizabeth (Joy) Guscott-Mueller
Edgar and Barbara Hammond
Patricia Handley
Michelle and Rick Hans
Geoff and Kate Hanson
Steve and Anne Hardy
Tom and Sandy Hart
Alison and John Hartline
Tim and Alana Hender
Dave and Pam Henkel
David and Sheila Henretta
Bill and Sheana Hermann
Anne and Steve Hill
Jeff Hinch
John and Linda Hinde
Lee and John Hirsch
Eugene Hotchkiss
John and Kelly Huguenard
Robin Huszagh
Fred Jackson
Joshua Jackson
Elizabeth, Paul, Alex, and Antoinette Jakaitis
Cliff and Sharon Jenks
Brett and Jacqueline Johnson
Joanie Johnson
Kathy, Jeff, Thomas, Lauren, and Will Johnson
Suzanne E. Johnson
Ann Jones
Carol Jones
R. Ann Jones
Erin Joslin
Maggie Kanakis
Lisa Karahalios
Bob and Karol Karlblom
Wendy Kaus
Annie Kavanagh
Ryan Kehoe
Richard and Pamela Kehoe
Amy Kelly
Jerry Kelly
Colleen Kerr (Douglass)
Ann and Matthew Kiesling
Molly and Charles King
Sue Kitzerow
Stephanie and Eric Klein
Fred and Teddi Koch
Matthew Koch
Sam and Olga Kras
Jeff and Cindy Kuchman
Susan and Kevin Kullby
Emily Lane
Rev. Wendy Lane
Lisa Dietrich and Bill Lape
Susan Lape
Allen and Beth Laufenberg
Cindy Law
Gary Lawrence
Paul Lemieux
Liz and Nels Leutwiler
Ken Levin
Susan and Brent Lewin
Arthur and Catherine Lewis
Leslie Lord and Peter Borowski
R. Tighe and Margaret Magnuson
The Maguire Family
Marc and Donna Mancuso
Debbie and Reese Marcusson
Julie and Pete Manning
Joy Markee
Tom Marks
John R. Marozsan
Brian S. Martin
Julie Martin
Merry Martin
Rich Martin
Linda Martinat
Kim Marzella
Donna and Eric Mazur
Robin McAfee
Colin and Emily McBean
Jeff and Bethanne McFadden
Edmund McGlynn
Joy and Mark McGreevy
Meryl McMahon
Phoebe McMillan
Ginny and Sam McTier
Virginia McTier
Philippe Melin
Megan and Todd Michael
Diana and David Moore
Kelli Moorhead
Bob and Megan Morris
Johnna and Chris Mosbarger
Christine and Mike Moses
David Mueller
Janine and Patrick Mullady
Mike Mulligan
Jennifer Mulloy
Kate Murray
Adrienne Murrill
Karl and Barb Nagel
Sheila Nelson
Paige Newhouse
Ginny Noble
Robin Norkus
Nancy and Kent Novit
Richard and Megan Oakford
Claudia Ocampo
Ron Oesterlein
Kathy O'Hara
Kati Olson
John Ormsby
George and Peggy Pandaleon
Jeanna and John Park
Tom Parsons
Susan Pasquella
Amy Pasquesi
Mark Pasquesi
Frank, Vicki, and Micaela Pasquesi
Joe and Kelly Pasquesi
Pam and Bob Payton
Kristin and Garth Pearson
Dena Dodd Perry
Sara Pickus
Craig and Beth Pierson
Don and Kathy Pierson
Todd Porter
Elizabeth Porter
Steve and Helen Potsic
John and Robin Powers
Susan Rappin
Kevin Reich
Kathleen Reidy
Natalie and Scott Rempala
Judy Reuter
Polly Richardson
Heather Richmond
Rob Robbins
Wendy Rohrs
Jill Rosa
Trude S.  and James Roselle
Robert Rubin
Carol Russ
Cheryl and Lee Sachnoff
Suzanne and Matt Sands
Molly and Brian Sarver
Janice Schnobrich
Katie Sekera
Alwin Brunner and Renée Settels
Jim and Gretchen Seymour
Bob and Mary Shaw
Bill and Trish Sheridan
Diane and Jeff Skaleski
Bonnie Smith
Michael D. Smith
Nicki Snoblin
Kimberly and Derik Snodgrass
Anne and Bob Sorensen
Lisa Spano
Matt and Buffy Stauffer
Michael and Mary Jo Stevenson
Carrol and Stan Stovold
Alicia Streightiff
Amanda and John Stubblefield
James Sykora
Amy and Roger Taylor
Jessica Taylor
Dan and Sheri Tennett
Mike and Mary Faith Terkildsen
Skip Thompson
Maggie and Aram Topalian
Robert Troyer
Jennifer Turner
Laurel Tustison
Saskia Van Alphen
Stephen and Ann Van Nuys
Pete and Marty Vander Velde
Michael and Julie Wade
John and Niki Walsh
Jim and Kim Walters
Pam and David Waud
Tiffany and Bryan Wiesner
David and Dawn Wheldon
Janet K. White, PsyD, MEd
Ed and Annie Whitehead
Ann and Mark Wildman
Anne and Dewey Winebrenner
Heather and Romain Wojda
Janice and Wayne Wolter
Monica Yaun
Catherine and Jeff Yehle
Greg and Martha Zeeman