Going from good to great

Students at LFHS are being challenged – and succeeding – at the highest levels of achievement.

Participation in the AP program in 2016-17 is the highest it’s ever been at Lake Forest High School. LFHS students are being prepared for success in college and beyond with the opportunity to take college-level Advanced Placement (AP) classes across the entire range of academic subject areas, with 33 classes offered, ranging from Art History to US Government to four distinct AP-level Physics courses.

Since 2014, the number of AP exams taken by students at Lake Forest High School has increased by almost 50%. In 2016, there was a 30% increase in AP exams compared to 2015. During that time, the rates at which students passed AP exams increased (93% pass rate in 2015 compared to 94% in 2016).1

Besides the opportunities for growth that these academically rigorous AP courses offer our kids, their availability to our students is a key metric for determining national high school rankings.2,3

Lake Forest High School is already regarded as one of the best schools in the state and in the nation. It just keeps getting better. What is good for our kids is good for our whole community.



1 Data from LFHS Assessment Report, November 2, 2016.



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