A letter from Dr. Tom Nemickas

Tom Nemickas has asked us to share this letter in which he expresses his thoughts on the opposition's attack on his character and reputation, and shows us clearly the fine board member he will be.

To the Lake Forest, Lake Bluff, and Knollwood Voters,

I wanted to reach out and clarify a few details about the comments that have been made against me, attacking my integrity and character.

On March 19th, I first became aware of a contract that exists between the IBJI Rehab Division and LFHS District 115. As I have stated before, I was unaware of the contract until that date, as is did not involve my Division, nor was I involved in any way. I am a partner in IBJI, and I receive no direct material benefit from it.

I have reached out to counsel to understand whether there is any conflict. I have been assured that no conflict exists that prevents me from running and being elected. When elected, I will ensure that there is no conflict between School District 115, myself, or my employer.

Aside from giving a statement to the press, I have not been vocal on the subject as I have been careful to make sure I have all the facts correct and choose the clearest and best path forward. Please take this as an example of the kind of School Board Member that I aspire to be for the community. I pride myself on my thorough approach to decisions, my integrity and my character. I would never mislead the public nor make a rush to judgment.

To all the people who have reached out in support of myself and my family during this difficult time, THANK YOU!

Dr. Tom Nemickas