Friday Facts: Financial Strength

This is the third in a series of fact-based articles produced by the Lake Forest Caucus and adapted here with permission of the Caucus.

The Lake Forest Caucus provides a weekly communication about the achievements of Lake Forest High School and its students.

LFHS is a top-performing school based on objective measures. The data supports LFHS as an academically and fiscally sound institution that is engaged in continuous improvement. 

Financial Strength: D115 has the lowest high school tax rate in Lake County and the second lowest in Illinois (source: ISBE general state aid data, 2015 tax rate).

Comparison of 2015 High School Tax Rates on EAV Home Values



Lake Forest



Highland Park


New Trier







2015 Tax Rate






2015 Taxes Paid







EAV is Equalized Assessed Value; $327,333 has general homestead exemption applied

This is due to D115’s balanced budget and reasonable reserves. Current and past D115 boards have managed the school budget with tremendous skill and expertise.

D115 has top rating from S&P of AAA and Moody’s of Aaa

Only 73 school districts in the US that have earned these top bond ratings. Appropriately, D115 was awarded the Illinois State Board of Education's highest category of financial strength recognition for 2016-2017.

It’s clear the current nonpartisan board serves the school and community and that the Caucus continues to slate outstanding candidates.

VOTE April 4, 2017 for Tom Nemickas, Sally Davis, Ted Moorman, David Lane

  • They are respectful, have a cooperative mindset, and exercise sound judgment
  • Build and foster collaborative working relationships in the school and community
  • Brings diverse ideas and unique skills to the board
  • Possess no personal agenda, but rather share a sincere interest in working together as a cohesive team to build on LFHS successes for the benefit of the school, students, and community.

Please visit our candidate information to learn more:

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