Friday Facts: Student Support

This is the fourth in a series of fact-based articles produced by the Lake Forest Caucus and adapted here with permission of the Caucus.

The Lake Forest Caucus provides a weekly communication about the achievements of Lake Forest High School and its students. LFHS is a top-performing school based on objective measures. The data supports LFHS as an academically and fiscally sound institution that is engaged in continuous improvement.

Student Support is an essential focus at LFHS

LFHS develops compassionate, confident and accomplished students.

LFHS offers big-school programs in a supportive small-school environment. We have the fewest students of any neighboring north suburban districts.

The school has certified 10.8:1 student to staff ratio, so our teachers and support professionals know our students.

LFHS offers a broad spectrum of specialized programs and teams of professionals who work in concert in core support teams to support students’ social/emotional needs.

Community Service - our students perform over 14,000 service hours annually.

Counselors regularly help students make appropriate self-directed academic, career and post-secondary plans, foster social/emotional health, and show respect for and understanding of others.

Students have expanded access to academic resource centers staffed by teachers for additional help and support, whenever they need it and during every school day.

Summer school offerings are designed for further support. Bridge courses in Math, English, Science, and Social Studies help students move up to higher level courses.

It’s clear the current Caucus non-partisan board well serves the school and community.

VOTE April 4, 2017 for Tom Nemickas, Sally Davis, Ted Moorman, David Lane

  • Respectful, have a cooperative mindset and exercise sound judgment
  • Build and foster collaborative working relationships in the school and community
  • Bring diverse ideas and unique skills to the board
  • Possess no personal agenda, but rather share a sincere interest in working together as a cohesive team to build on LFHS successes for the benefit of the school, students and community.

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