Let's get this thing going!

The school board election will be here before we know it, and there's lots of work to be done! Voters need to understand the choices open to them, and why this election is so important.

This year four candidates representing a non-mainstream agenda are campaigning as a slate. During this election season we plan to help voters understand what the school board's job is, what kinds of attributes make a good board member, and what the possible implications of a board takeover could be.

We believe our schools are no place for extreme ideological or political agendas. Our children are not pawns, and they deserve a school board composed of caring, competent volunteers who are committed to the students' well-being and success as well as a fiduciary responsibility to the taxpayers.

That's why we're strongly dedicated to electing open-minded individuals with diverse backgrounds to the school board, ones who come not with fixed ideas about how schools "should" function but with an eagerness to learn and to represent the interests of our kids and our whole community.