Post-election survey results table

  Total (N=211)
  No. (%)
What were your reasons for supporting the Right Track/Caucus candidates? Please select all that apply.    
I was concerned that the "Final Four" may have had a political agenda. 175 82.9%
I compared all the candidates and decided the Right Track/Caucus candidates best represented my views/values 155 73.5%
I preferred the campaign approach of the Right Track/Caucus candidates. 143 67.8%
I believed the Right Track/Caucus candidates to be trustworthy. 139 65.9%
It bothered me that the "Final Four" used an outside political consulting firm. 104 49.3%
I usually support Caucus candidates. 87 41.2%
I know one or more of the Right Track/Caucus candidates personally and wanted to give them my support. 82 38.9%
Other * 30 14.2%
How important was having access to accurate facts in the campaign?    
1 (not at all important) 0 0.0%
2 0 0.0%
3 3 1.4%
4 11 5.2%
5 (extremely important) 194 91.9%
How would you rate the tone of the Right Track/Caucus campaign?    
1 (negative/offensive) 0 0.0%
2 1 0.5%
3 5 2.4%
4 44 20.9%
5 (positive/civil) 158 74.9%
How would you rate the tone of the "Final Four" (opposition) campaign?    
1 (negative/offensive) 171 81.0%
2 33 15.6%
3 1 0.5%
4 1 0.5%
5 (positive/civil) 1 0.5%
Please tell us about your interest in LFHS. Select all that apply.    
I have younger children who will attend LFHS. 88 41.7%
My children attended LFHS in the past. 85 40.3%
I currently have children attending LFHS. 80 37.9%
I have no personal connection with LFHS but care about the schools in our community. 23 10.9%
I have grandchildren who attend (or will attend) LFHS. 8 3.8%
I work at LFHS. 5 2.4%
Where do you live?    
Lake Bluff/Knollwood 104 49.3%
Lake Forest 100 47.4%
Other 1 0.5%
If you were to stay connected with Right Track, what topics would you be interested in?    
Policy topics in public education 137 64.9%
Any school election issues in Lake Forest, Lake Bluff, and Knollwood 130 61.6%
Good things happening in our schools 124 58.8%
Ways to improve communication between the schools and the community 123 58.3%
Ways to support our schools 116 55.0%
Political topics in public education 106 50.2%
Just future LFHS election issues 53 25.1%
*Other reasons:
  • Maintaining our tradition and culture which has been A+ since I graduated LFHS in 1984
  • I did not like the way the way the Final Four conducted themselves
  • Bothered me that the Final Four had very little connection to LFHS but wanted to take control
  • Final Four got large donations used for mass mailings using the school directory information which is against the rules.
  • The final four were a tad out of phase with reality and in many ways dishonest.
  • And, that Final Four were so hateful.
  • Historically, I never paid any attention to the school board elections.  I may never have even voted in one.  I decided to take a more active supporter role when I saw the the Fox News piece about Principal Holland and her song.  I thought it was a cheap shot and it angered me.  This, coupled with the multiple times the Final Four misstated the facts caused me to actively campaign against them.
  • I was bothered by the data cherry picking and misuse of data by Final Four and their entire bombastic tone illegal use of APT email, the bombastic language, the cherry picking and misrepresentation of data
  • Deeply concerned for the general world view exhibited by the Final Four candidates
  • The key to success will be overall promotion of the caucus process, newcomers club especially
  • As a graphic designer, I was incensed that the Final Four lifted the LFHS logo and former web "look" to appear as if speaking for the school.
  • You added so much to the campaign, that I'd say we couldn't have done without you and the Lake Bluff connection.
  • The final four misled the public with alternative facts.
  • I believe Lake Bluff and Knollwood should be represented on the board.
  • Concerned lake forest community being misrepresented with inaccurate facts that hurt value and respect of our great city.
  • [One of the Final Four] is a crazy/racist.
  • [One of the Final Four] has a known reputation for disruption.
  • It bothered me that the final 4 were authoritarian,  with no specific plans to meet their states goals. They were like mini Trump wannabes.
  • Final four seemed intent on disrupting progress at the school and possibly racist agenda re the principal.
  • I bothered me that their agendas were identical. Although I was not excited that incumbents felt everything was perfect and saw no room to adjust and change.
  • I evaluate and select candidates on an individual basis. I supported some, not all of the Caucus candidates. I was not happy with the negativity of both groups' campaigns.
  • I didn't agree with the Final Four's views.
  • I knew of the racist remarks by FF and disapproved the alternative facts approach.
  • The right track had Lake Bluff representation.
  • The Final Four flagrantly lied throughout their campaign.
  • No candidate should run as part of a  team with the same mindset and philosophy.
  • It bothered me that the "Final Four" abused the LFHS APT Directory.
  • I knew [one of the Final Four] was crazy.