Shedding light on the opposition

Today the “Final Four” sent out an email apparently intended to tell voters what nice people they really are.

And individually they probably are. No doubt they have families who love them, colleagues who respect them, and friends who enjoy their company.

But collectively, these individuals have run a brand of campaign that won’t soon be forgotten in Lake Forest, Lake Bluff, and Knollwood. Nor, we fear, will it be the last of its kind.

These opposition candidates, despite their professed love of transparency, have left a lot of questions unanswered.

1. Where did they get all those email addresses they’ve been sending to? Many people have told of receiving the Final Four’s unsolicited emails throughout the campaign – even though they’ve unsubscribed, the emails just keep on coming. Did the Final Four “borrow” all the email addresses from school, church, and club directories?

2. Why did they hire a campaign strategist with a well-documented pattern of unsavory and incendiary campaign tactics? It seems an odd fit for a little school board election. Even odder, on their website they state, “We have worked with him in the past.” On what occasion could these nice folks have needed this kind of campaign strategist brought in from outside the community?

3. Who are their supporters? The candidates endorsed by the Caucuses have hundreds of supporters proud to list their names on the Right Track website. The “Final Four” seem to be gathering their support in a more covert way. Is theirs the kind of campaign that their followers are uncomfortable being publicly associated with?

4. Where did all their money come from? Their campaign committee, “Lake Forest Citizens Committee,” has received a number of large donations from unknown sources: $5,000 from “Citizens to Elect Jennifer Neubauer” and $4,000 each from “Citizens for Patrick Marshall,” “Citizens for Lisa Mienville,” and “Citizens for Cindy Good.” The thing is, there aren’t any registered committees in those names. That money could have come from anywhere – the candidates themselves, or one or more anonymous donors. It’s a clever (and probably perfectly legal) way to obscure the money trail. But why?

It’s time to put an end to the unwelcome “politicizing” of our schools. These are VOLUNTEER positions we’re talking about. The lucky winners of the election will spend countless uncompensated hours in meetings, board training sessions, and budget workshops. They’ll be called on to build consensus with their fellow board members on complicated issues. They’ll learn the bitter truth of the saying that you can’t please all the people all the time. And they’ll do all this because they care about our high school, our students, and our community.

Please cast your vote for the FIRST FOUR candidates on the ballot – Tom Nemickas, Sally Davis, Ted Moorman, and Dave Lane. They’re the ones who understand the real issues, who dig beneath the glib sound bites to present the whole story. As candidates they’ve told you the truth about why they’re running and their vision for District 115, and as board members they’ll keep LFHS on a path we can all be proud of.

Shedding light