This time the opposition has gone too far

The “Final Four” opposition candidates for D115 have gone too far. They are baselessly accusing a respected community member – a volunteer who happens to be running against them – of criminal wrongdoing.

The Final Four contaminated mailboxes and email inboxes all over town again today with their toxic and offensive allegations against Dr. Tomas Nemickas – and then they had the nerve to remind us that “our children are watching.”

Our children are indeed watching. They’ve been watching for weeks as somehow the Final Four obtained and used all the school families’ email addresses – and even those of some of the kids. They’ve watched the so-called “Final Four” co-opt an NCAA trademark for political purposes.

Our children have watched as the opposition slate manipulated data to systematically tear down our students’ record-breaking achievements at the high school. They have seen the Final Four blame the school for a weak housing market. Our children have seen what happens when a simple local election is hijacked to further a political agenda and is run by a professional campaign strategist who has been called “ the kind of political animal who makes all politics feel dirty” (…).

Now our children are seeing why decent, honorable citizens hesitate to run for office: because unscrupulous mudslingers will wage smear campaigns, not caring about the damage to individuals and the community they leave in their wake.

The Final Four slate has no information about Dr. Nemickas’s employment or compensation agreement with IBJI, no knowledge of the structure of that particular LLC, and outdated information about his role in the organization – yet they expect voters to be swayed by their baseless legal posturing.

Dr. Nemickas – and his fellow Caucus-nominated candidates, Sally Davis, Ted Moorman, and Dave Lane – are honest people who have only one reason for running for D115 school board: to ensure that all students in our community get the best education LFHS can offer. The three incumbents have reduced the tax levy, opened up academic opportunities for all students, and maintained the district’s financial stability through tough economic times. Together with Tom Nemickas, they will keep LFHS on the right track.

Please vote for the FIRST FOUR on the ballot to show that negative, baseless lies are not welcome in our community. Election Day is April 4; early voting starts Monday, March 20, at Lake Forest City Hall.