Transparency: it's not that simple

Absolute transparency cannot happen when the key folks involved are minors: our children. Personnel rules exist, in schools as elsewhere, that protect employee (adult) privacy as well.

The opposition group misses this and other critical and very elementary points about the unique way a school board, compared to most any other not-for-profit, operates.

Yes, the school's budget is complicated. School finance is its own complex field of study. It is governed by rules issued by the State Board of Education and is impacted by local, state, and federal input and regulation.

Perhaps the most critical piece to note is that a board is a living, breathing small group whose one job is to hire and provide governance to the superintendent. A superintendent should then be free to make decisions with the trust of the board about the manner in which his/her schools are managed. It is not an easy position by any stretch of the imagination.

Every good board member of conscience works diligently to find his/her way through these issues. Most of all, this is about our children. Supporting their growth as individuals through challenges near and far, developing them into future citizens, is not simple or easily accomplished.

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